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Vallée de la Solle trail

    This trail invites you to discover the Solle Valley. It borders the Integral Biological Reserve of the Hauteurs de la Solle, some areas of which resemble a virgin forest despite, at the same time, the presence of a hippodrome.
      Photo credits : Claire Tenu - ONF
      Parking du Cabaret Masson
      77300 Fontainebleau
      L’Hippodrome de la Solle: it is one of the oldest hippodromes in France, with a rare location in the heart of the forest. The first races were organized by the Department Horseracing Society in 1862, shortly after its inauguration by Napoleon III. The hippodrome hosts every year about 20 races open to the public.

      Integral Biological Reserves: regarded as a « biogeographical crossroads », the forest of Fontainebleau shelters considerable floristic and faunistic treasures. It includes more than 1000 hectares of Integral Biological Reserves. These areas are left free to evolve on their own, and are home to very old tree populations.

      Cabaret Masson: the location of the present car park was named after a bar set up here on the occasion of military maneuvers, then during horse races at the hippodrome after 1862.


      Free access.

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