French art de vivre

French art de vivre  ! Discover France’ unique and incomparable art de vivre during your stay. Refined gastronomy, outstanding craftworkers, elegant tableware, cultural liveliness are just some of the qualities that bring such prestige to our region.

Fontainebleau has preserved the typically Royal French art de vivre, it will charm you with its many terraced restaurants, pretty little lanes and shops. Discover cooking specialities such as the Fontainebleau, a mix of whipped cream and fromage blanc and the macarons of the Chef Frédéric Cassel.

In the picturesque villages of Barbizon, Bourron-Marlotte and Samois-Sur-Seine, visitors enter into the world of the precursors impressionism but equally, the world of renowned writers, musicians and film directors. These characteristic villages are still, even today, much sought-after places of retreat and relaxation.

Typical gastronomy around Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau tourisme

Are you a food lover ? So we are ! Discover typical gastronomy : french cooking specialities such as the Fontainebleau, a mix of whipped cream and fromage blanc. Meet the local producers everyday on the markets.

Fontainebleau : an Imperial City

Fontainebleau tourisme ville impériale

A designated Ville Impériale ("Imperial City") with its history, château, squares and sumptuous Italian-style theatre, Fontainebleau is a culturally enriching place to visit. Its forest and park also make it an ideal destination for strolling, rambling and rock-climbing.

Pays de Fontainebleau

The new Pays de Fontainebleau Agglomeration is the hub of tourist development in southern Seine-et-Marne. Its unique natural backdrop and its outstanding historical heritage make it a highly attractive destination.

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