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Rocher Canon et Mare aux Évées trail

    This walk enables you to discover two very different sites: the boulder chaos* of the Rocher Canon, and a pond with its ditches created by Man.
      Crédits photos : Claire Tenu - ONFFontainebleau Tourisme
      Parking du Rocher Canon, Bois le Roi
      77300 Fontainebleau
      La mare aux Evées: the word « Evées » comes from old French and applies to a swampy area. The purpose of its ditches, dug under King Louis Philippe as part of public works aimed at fighting unemployment, is to drain this swampy area. A few noteworthy trees, as well as the names of alleys, bear witness to an ancient arboretum. More than 20 km of ditches were dug in a star pattern, as well as the central basin of 12. 000 m3.

      Noteworthy trees: at the Rocher Canon, the oak called “Bonsai” is an outstanding curiosity of the Fontainebleau massif, a twisted tree literally “sitting” on a sandstone rock. Around the Mare aux Evées (and the Mare à Bauge nearby), bald cypresses also known as Louisiana cypresses were planted around 1830; an aerial excrescence of their roots, called cypress knees or pneumatophores can be observed.

      Forest alleys: they began to be cut through the forest under the reign of King Henri IV (1556-1610), in order to ease access to the forest for stag hunting. The court was then able to follow the hunt in carriages thanks to theses alleys and star crossroads.


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