A Centre of the Equestrian Arts

An equestrian town par excellence with its cavalry brigade, and the home base of the Republican Guard, Fontainebleau is deeply attached to this age-old tradition.It boasts unique, prestigious horse-riding facilities, such as :

The Grand Parquet: An arena for dressage and equestrian competitions. It hosts major national and international events every year.
> Hippodrome de la Solle: One of the oldest in France and set in verdant surroundings. Some twenty race meetings are held here every year.
> Military Riding School (EME): Located in the former stables of the château, it trains riders and military horses for teaching and competitions.

Riding schools in Pays de Fontainebleau

List of riding schools

Arbonne-La-Forêt :
> Arbonne équitation More info
> Centre équestre la chardonnière More info
Achères-la-Forêt :
Horse dreams More info
Bois-le-Roi :

> Île de loisirs de Bois-le-Roi More info
> Jumping club  More info
Chailly-en-Bière :
Centre équestre d’Ulysse More info
Fontainebleau :
> Caval & Go More info
> Écurie de la Faisanderie More info
Samois-sur-Seine :
Ecurie de Samois More info
Saint-Martin-en-Bière :
Equidating More info
Ury :
Centre équestre Ryan’s Farm More info
Vulaines-sur-Seine : Centre équestre de l’Odysée More info

Military Riding School (EME)

Military Riding School (EME)
Guided visits only : you can buy your ticket at the Tourist Office

Based within the precincts of the château of Fontainebleau, EME boasts an outstanding historical setting and more than 200 years of history. A key centre of military equestrian sport and a prestigious training academy, it is home to some 100 men and women and 200 horses. It also trains young soldiers for a horse-riding career and its pupils regularly figure among the winners of high-level competitions.

For all enquiries, please contact our sales Department

Dominique – Tél: +33 (01) 60 74 99 95
Laure – Tél: +33 (01) 60 74 99 93

Grand Parquet – Riding Arena


The Grand Parquet is one of the finest equestrian venues in Europe. With magnificent structures set in verdant surroundings in various locations within the precincts of the national forest, the town of Fontainebleau remains to this day a stronghold of the equestrian arts. The Grand Parquet arena is part of the circuit frequented by all top-level riders. It is equipped to host different types of event, such as demonstrations, shows and parties.

A few figures: 26 hectares, 2 prestigious turf arenas, 5 dressage arenas, 1 international steeplechase course, 250 permanent and 500 temporary boxes, and a 1,200-seat grandstand.

2018 events

RN 152 – Route d’Orléans – 77300 Fontainebleau
Tél : 00 33 (1) 64 23 42 87 / Fax : 01 64 23 41 41
Mail : contact@grandparquet.com / Site : http://www.grand-parquet.com

Hippodrome de la Solle

Set in verdant woodland, Hippodrome de la Solle is one of the oldest hippodromes in France and hosts horserace meetings.
Under the rein of Louis XVI, the dukes of Artois and Chartres organised the first horse race at Fontainebleau in November 1776 in the presence of the king, who had come to hunt.
This first trial race was a huge success. The choice of the valley of the Solle was determined in 1852 by the Light Cavalry of the Imperial Guard. They were stationed in Fontainebleau and had cleared the area to use it for manoeuvres.

After their departure, young people held races here in a family atmosphere. The site being ideal, the decision was taken to build a hippodrome. This was completed in 1862 and inaugurated by the Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie.


> Entry : 4,50 € / 3,50 € for senior / Free up to 18 years old

The Restaurant
> Open every day of races
> Reservation the morning of races by phone: 01 64 22 58 31.

Société des Courses de Fontainebleau
Route D 606 (Between Melun and Fontainebleau)
Tél :
00 33 (1) 64 22 29 37 / Fax : 01 60 72 83 71
Website : www.hippodrome-fontainebleau.com

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