Pays de Fontainebleau


The new Pays de Fontainebleau Agglomeration is the hub of tourist development in southern Seine-et-Marne. Its unique natural backdrop and its outstanding historical heritage make it a highly attractive destination.

> The national forest of Fontainebleau, extending over a continuous area of over 22,000 hectares, is the second-largest tract of woodland in France. In addition to this forest, which offers more than 2,000km of walking paths, the world-famous château of Fontainebleau is an economic driving force for the towns and villages around the forest and along the banks of the Seine.

The outstanding lifestyle and the cultural heritage of its villages. Some of them have been awarded « Villages de Caractère ».

> Besides developing tourism, Pays de Fontainebleau Agglomeration has other ambitious projects, such as attracting investors. Following the creation of a business incubator in 2008, today it is seeking to develop an innovative business centre that will encourage businesses to choose Pays de Fontainebleau as their location.

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