The village of Bourron-Marlotte is situated in the south of Seine-et-Marne, between Fontainebleau and Nemours. Discover the historic atmosphere of its cobbled streets and discover the artists’ village by visiting the Town Hall Museum. Bourron-Marlotte owes its reputation largely to its artistic past.

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During the nineteenth century, the villages of Bourron and Marlotte, now merged, became a popular venue for landscape painters.

Take the Artists Trail tour to discover the places where these famous artists lived, the church of Saint-Sévère, probably one of the oldest in the Gâtinais region, the nave of which has a noteworthy litre funéraire – a painted band bearing the arms of important local figures – as well as the Town Hall Museum, created in 1906 on the initiative of Charles Moreau Vauthier. It houses the numerous works of painters who lived in the village, such as Auguste Allongé, Eugène Cicéri, Charles Delort, Armand Point and Arthur Heseltine. This is also the town where filmmaker Jean Renoir shot his first film la film de l’eau in 1924.

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