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L’Esquisse Barbizon hôtel-culturel

    The Musée de L'Esquisse invites you to immerse yourself in the rich artistic heritage of Barbizon and 19th-century Europe.
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      Immerse yourself in a world where art, creativity and history meet to offer you an unforgettable cultural experience.

      The Musée de L'Esquisse offers permanent exhibitions that trace the European history of artists' colonies and Barbizon's influence on these communities in the 19th century.
      The collection is presented thanks to numerous loans.
      Barbizon and the Fontainebleau region as a source of inspiration for foreign artists and the European phenomenon of artists' colonies can thus be explored. And every 4 months or so, a country and an artist colony are temporarily highlighted.

      You'll plunge into the world of the great artists of the time, discovering their inspirations, their techniques and the impact of their works on the European artistic landscape.

      Take part in practical art workshops, attend lectures by experts in the field, or meet artists in residence who will reveal their creative process.

      Painting, writing, photography...
      Here, the possibilities for discovering the arts are endless.

      You'll also have the opportunity to explore your own creativity and immerse yourself in a dynamic artistic community. You'll feel part of a vibrant artistic and cultural family
      cultural family, where ideas and experiences cross paths, perhaps revealing passions or deepening your understanding of art.


      Free of charge.

      Prestations, conforts et services

      • Langues parlées :
        • German
        • English
        • Spanish
        • French
        • Italian
      • Bar
      • Toilets
      • Exhibition space
      • Car park
      • Defibrillator
      • Sustainable development
      • Meeting room
      • Parking nearby
      • Pets welcome
      • Educational visits
      • Coach access
      • Shop
      • Tourist brochures
      • Fast food
      • Available for private hire
      • Free WiFi access
      • Accessible en poussette
      • Temporary exhibition
      • Handicrafts workshops
      • Permanent exhibition
      • English
      • French
      • Visual disability
      • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance
      • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
      • Reserved space 330 cm wide < 100 m from the site
      • Even flooring with no obstacles
      • Absence of protrusions > 2 cm
      • Doors >=77 cm wide
      • Reception desk between 70-80 cm high
      • Height under table >= 70 cm width >= 77 cm
      • WC + grab handle + adequate space to move
      • Incline >5% but reasonable
      • Cycle 4: middle School
      • High school
      • Higher Education
      • Cycle 3: elementary school (CM1, CM2)
      • Cycle 3: college (6th)

      Périodes d'ouverture

      All year round, daily between 10 am and 10 pm.

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