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Silvotherapy, Shinrin yoku, improve your well-being with trees

    "Forest bathing" has had an official status in Japan since the 1980's. This activity is accessible to everyone and enables you to reconnect your senses with nature and to release stress thanks to the trees' energy.
      Office de Tourisme du Pays de Fontainebleau
      4,bis Place de la République
      77300 Fontainebleau
      It is an invitation to relaxation and meditation in order to go back to the basics, get some fresh air and feel good. Have a real break!

      "Forest bathing" reduces stress, allows a better concentration and vivacity, and gives you a feeling of calm and serenity.

      Our experts chose the forest of Fontainebleau to offer this new kind of nature and relaxing walk.

      The exact meeting point is communicated by e-mail 48 hours before the chosen date.


      One price: 30 €.

      Prestations, conforts et services

      • Langues parlées :
        • French

      Périodes d'ouverture

      Sunday 23 June 2024 at 9 am.

      Saturday 13 July 2024 at 9 am.

      Sunday 11 August 2024 at 9 am.

      Sunday 15 September 2024 at 9 am.

      Subject to favorable weather.

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