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Exhibition in homage to Picasso by 50 artists

    Come and discover an exhibition of 50 artists in Barbizon.
      Photo credits : Mairie de Barbizon
      Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet
      Place Marc Jacquet
      77630 Barbizon
      For the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso's death, 50 contemporary artists who were asked to participate in this exhibition, each with their own style, technique and sensitivity, have expressed what inspired them by this immense personality.

      The link between Barbizon and Pablo Picasso to the history of painting is further accentuated by the fact that the artist stayed in Barbizon on several occasions in 1942, and more precisely in the Bouvard family boarding house, which later became the "Manoir Saint-Hérem". The curators of this exhibition are Jean-Michel Gout-Werner, an art market professional, and Jacques Simonin, a passionate collector, both of whom were already behind the organisation of the exhibition "L'Angélus a 150 ans", which also took place in Barbizon in 2010.

      Their long association with the contemporary art world, their proximity to many artists and their knowledge of their work, led to the enthusiastic participation of some fifty of them. Some of them have confronted the Picasso myth with a work specially conceived for the exhibition, while others are presenting older work.

      List of participating artists: i Peter Klasen, 2011 Les demoiselles inaltérables Acrylic and neon on canvas, 165 × 135 cm Collection of the artist BAST Michel Batlle BEN Aurélie de la Cadière Jean Charasse Piero Cipolat Philippe Cognée Robert Combas Fernando Costa CharlÉlie Couture Damien Deroubaix Philippe Desloubières Hervé Di Rosa Noël Dolla Joël Ducorroy Thierry Emond Erro Sylvie Fajfrowska Katrin Fridriks Claude Guénard Stéphanie Guglielmetti Gérard Guyomard Philippe Huart Laurence Imbert D Christian Jaccard Laurence Jenk Jin Bo Peter Klasen Kriki Gérard Le Cloarec Gildas Le Reste Éric Liot Catherine Lopez-Curval Ada Loumani Jérôme Mesnager Ivan Messac Mitsouko Mori Patrick Moya Nivese None Futbol Club Objectal ORLAN Jean-Luc Parant Bernard Pras Gérard Rancinan Jean-Pierre Raynaud Gérard Schlosser Benjamin Spark Gérard Thupinier Kaviack Tomek Toxic Jacques Villéglé Yo Marchand


      Free access.

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      • Spoken languages :
        • French

      Opening periods

      From 08/04 to 10/06/2023.
      Closed on Tuesday.