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Photo exhibition Les femmes cavalières, "Las escaramuzas", Théo Saffroy I FHA

    The Pays de Fontainebleau Tourist Office, official partner of the Festival de l'Histoire de l'Art, is presenting a new photographic exhibition as part of this major international event celebrating sport in 2024, with Mexico as the guest country.
      Crédits photos : @Théo Saffroy
      Espaces verts - Parvis de la gare SNCF Fontainebleau-Avon
      77210 Avon
      • 01 60 74 99 99
          An exhibition of photographs by Théo Saffroy, whose work is characterized by colorful compositions and a quest for movement, celebrates the world of escaramuzas, Mexican horsewomen who ride in amazons and compete in the charrería, a choreographed equestrian rodeo set to music.

          Dressed in colorful crinoline dresses evoking the figure of the female fighters of the 1910 Mexican Revolution, the escaramuzas show the permanence of popular traditions while embodying female emancipation through equestrian sport.

          More than 25 visuals await you on the forecourt of the Fontainebleau-Avon train station, enchanting your eyes as you travel to the heart of Mexico and its equestrian passion. As part of this festival, the Tourist Office is highlighting the unique theme of equestrianism.

          This exhibition has been kindly donated by INHA and the Château de Fontainebleau.


          Free access.

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          From 01/05 to 05/06/2024, daily.

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