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Petit Barbeau trail- Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

    This trail offers a walk along the Seine on the former towpath, sheltered by the forest. It is the only contact between the forest and the Seine.
      Crédits photos : Claire Tenu - ONFFontainebleau Tourisme
      Parking du Petit Barbeau
      77920 Samois-sur-Seine
      Remarkable trees: many noteworthy trees can be observed along the banks of the Seine. They are marked with a blue dot for their rarity, size, botanical or aesthetic character. Since the late 1960s, the Fontainebleau Forest Friends’ Association (AAFF), in accordance with ONF, identifies and catalogs the most remarkable trees in the forest. Throughout this trail, hikers are invited to observe the diversity of species in the forest.

      Wild fauna: the river’s proximity to the forest makes this area a favorable one for many bird species: woodpeckers, common buzzards, Eurasian sparrowhawks and Eurasian woodcocks can all be found in the forest, while the river is home to cormorants, grey herons, kingfishers, and many duck species. Because of the very cold winters, many rare species can be seen along the Seine. Cavities in the trunks of large trees house rare species of bats, and damp areas are home to grass snakes and frogs.


      Free access.

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