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Exhibition: The emperor's house. To serve and magnify Napoleon the first

Through different works of art, the exhibition "The Emperor's House. To serve and magnify Napoleon I" presents the institution which was responsible for the organisation of court life, the administration of the Crown domain and for keeping up the show of imperial power.
    Photo credits : La Maison de l' EmpereurChâteau de Fontainebleau
    Château de Fontainebleau
    Place du général de Gaulle
    77300 Fontainebleau
    On March 18, 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul, was proclaimed "Emperor of the French". Throughout his reign, the emperor surrounded himself with a splendid "House", a sort of close entourage, worthy of his imperial title. Dedicated officers and faithful servants organized the daily public and private life of Napoleon I and contributed to the widespread influence of the regime. Portraits, ceremonial clothes and sumptuous works of art represent a new angle to rediscover the Napoleonic adventure.

    The first part of the exhibition, held in the room of the Belle Cheminée, will allow the visitor to relive the splendor of the imperial palaces and the court. The second part presents the six Grand Civil Officers of the Crown: the Grand Marshal of the Palace, the Grand Chaplain, the Grand Master of Ceremonies, the Grand Chamberlain, the Grand Equerry and the Grand Veneur. It also evokes the main figures surrounding the imperial family. The third part presents a selection of masterpieces from the imperial manufacture of Sèvres, diplomatic and new years gifts offered by the Emperor to his loyal servants.

    This exceptional ensemble of almost 100 works of art resonates with the Napoleon I Museum and allows a new approach of the visit of the palace, this privileged witness of court life under the First Empire.


    Full price: 12 €, Reduced price: 10 €.

    Free entry for children < 18 years.

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    Opening periods

    From 13/04 to 15/07/2019.
    Closed on Tuesday.