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Avon'ânes : hiking with donkeys

    The Avon'ânes association offers various activities such as hikes with donkeys, Wednesday walks and animal mediation.
    • Fontainebleau Tourisme Expérience
      Photo credits : Avon'ânes
      Domaine de Bel Ébat
      rue du Vieux Ru
      77210 Avon
      Kakou, Martin and Anthonin are three donkeys aged 20, 22 and 25, from an association, expelled from their meadow following interpersonal conflicts. Despite many attempts, no solution was found to keep them together in their region and they were finally put on sale on a commercial site.
      Faced with this impasse and the emergency of their situation, three people decided to acquire them in order to offer them a certain future. This is how the Avon'ânes association was born.

      These three donkeys were subject to a tremendous surge of solidarity that ensured their future and daily support. The association is willing to raise public awareness about the multiple capacities of the animal and to cripple the stereotypes that have been used for many years.

      The proposed activity is above all hiking with donkey(s) ans is not equivalent to horse riding, it is about carrying your belongings.

      Note that carrying a child on the donkey's back is your full responsibility. In this case, the donkey must always be held in lanyard by an adult and it is strongly recommended that the child wears a bicycle helmet or a helmet that can be provided by the association.

      Hikes with donkeys : differents circuits are acccessible from the Bel Ebat park. Activity for an hour, hald-day or full day.

      Wedsnesday walks : every wednesday afternoon, Anthonin, Martin and Kakou take your children (up to 20 kilos) for a walk in the Bel Ebat park.


      Randonnées au pas de l'âne :
      1 âne, 2 ânes

      1h: 26€, 38€, 50€
      demi-journée 41€, 54€, 67€
      Journée 60€, 55€

      Anniversaires: Tarifs : 65€
      Groupe de 6 enfants minimum (10 max ).

      Confort and services

      • Spoken languages :
        • French
      • For beginners / novice

      Opening periods

      All year round, daily.