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Walker's Charter "I love the forest: together, let's protect it!

How to enjoy the forest while preserving it? What advice and requirements should be followed?
Intended for all forest users, the charter sets out 14 essential recommendations on themes such as gathering, waste, fires, hunting, forestry sites, motor vehicles, etc. With a key word: give everyone the keys to better understand the stakes of the forest and thus act better!

The 14 rules of the charter
Waste, never in the forest
Forest fires, together be vigilant!
Gatherings, in moderation
Forestry site, be aware of danger
Motor vehicles, regulated access
mountain bikes and riders, outside the plots
Cyclists and riders, on the paths
- Dead wood, precious for the forest
- Hunting area, do not enter
Our animals, under control
Wood, climbing prohibited
Wild fauna, do not disturb
Strollers, on the paths
Sharing space, living well together
The BA of the super walker

Forests and natural areas host many professional or leisure activities. In these places, the coexistence of people is a fact, as is respect for the environment. But do we know the other users? Let's go meet them

On foot
Many are those who walk in the forest with the force of their calves! Walking is still the most common way to move around natural areas, for work or pleasure.

By bike
In the last twenty years or so, a new bicycle has appeared: the mountain bike. It allows to discover the forest space in another way

With an animal
Walking your dog or riding in the woods, whether for equestrian tourism or horseback riding, are privileged moments where the relationship with the animal and the natural environment are combined.

Vehicles are used in the forest in compliance with regulations. Think of foresters, loggers, hunters... But don't you come there yourself by car?

In the air
Part of the activity in the forest is aerial, which can be surprising! Yet, funny birds share the canopy!

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