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Charter of the bike promoter in the Fontainebleau forest

As in all the forests of Ile-de-France, cyclists and mountain bikers can ride on marked routes and paths over 2.50 m wide, but not on narrow paths or inside stands. Walkers remain a priority and the utmost caution is called for.
    Route Léonard de Vinci
    La faisanderie ONF Fontainebleau
    77300 Fontainebleau
    • 01 60 74 99 99
    What are citizen actions in the forest?

    There are three different types of good behaviour: those for the benefit of the forest, its fauna and flora; those for the benefit of professionals and forest exploitation and those for the benefit of other users. Citizen behaviour must allow all these issues to coexist. Respect the signs, take away your waste, do not collect dead wood which is a refuge for fungi, insects, birds and which also participates in soil fertility: here are some of the key actions of a citizen walker. For foresters, it is essential to explain these issues in order to raise user awareness and encourage them to adopt the right behaviour.

    What is the purpose of this charter?

    Since the NFB was created, we have been concerned about welcoming the public to the forest. The objective of the charter is to allow everyone to enjoy the forest while respecting and preserving it. Some people do not appreciate the consequences of their practices. By explaining our recommendations and obligations, we allow a better understanding of forest issues, and therefore better public behaviour.
    How to associate the reception of the public with the preservation of the forest and its exploitation?

    Walking, mountain biking, running, hunting... The charter sets a framework that takes into account all the practices of the public to make them cohabit as well as possible with the other issues of the forest. For example, walkers should not venture off the trails to avoid damaging the young shoots that will make the forest of tomorrow or enter a forest work zone.

    Defining spaces dedicated to the reception of the public, biodiversity or forest exploitation allows these three issues to coexist within the same forest. What the public is not always aware of.

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