Events in Pays de Fontainebleau – 2023

The Pays de Fontainebleau, a territory rich in great events!

Throughout the year, the region offers great events to discover during your stay.

A very nice program in 2023 awaits you. The destination is mobilized and offers you the pleasure of going out with artistic, cultural and sporting events in exceptional settings such as the Château de Fontainebleau and the Grand Parquet. The imperial city of Fontainebleau and the villages of character such as Barbizon and Samois-Sur-Seine will also be places of events to experience! Nature will also be in the spotlight in 2023, with beautiful events related to living things, fauna, flora, but also man in his precious relationship with his environment, with everything that surrounds him.


Major international music events and festivals

The International Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival in the park of the castle: June 2023. The off will be in Samois before the festival.

The Festival of American Art Schools at the Château de Fontainebleau: July 2023

The FBLO Music Festival (Live Nation) at the Grand Parquet: September 2023

Major international art events and festivals

The Art History Festival (theme: animals / guest country: Portugal) at the castle: June 2023

The European Série Series Festival at the Fontainebleau Theater: June and July 2023

Art History Festival


A journey to Portugal in 2022 and an invitation to discover the delicate artistic inspiration carried by animals in the history of art. 3 days - 40 places - 300 events - 300 guests

Major sporting events, particularly high-level equestrian events, open to the public

National and international equestrian competitions thanks to the presence of the Grand Parquet (a mythical site for equestrian sports, show jumping and eventing) and the new BO Ranch site for the reining discipline with renowned organizers. A very active and exceptional equestrian destination in 2023!

The Printemps des Sports Equestres at the Grand Parquet (GL event), April 2023

The Bonneau International Bonnet at the Grand Parquet (BIP), from April to May 2023

The Harcour show jumping competition at the Grand Parquet (Harcour), June 2023

The European Veterans’ Championship at the Grand Parquet (Grand Prix Classic), from June to July, 2023

The Great Week of Breeding at the Grand Parquet (SHF), from August to September 2023

and also international reining competitions at the BO RANCH: June to August 2023

In the field of marathon and trail: the Foulée Impériale in May and the Trail Impérial in September!

Nature is also honored through our events

The Naturiales in Fontainebleau: May 2023

The Festival of Parks and Gardens in Barbizon: May 2023

The Night of the Forests: June 2023

Branche & ciné (projection in the forest) in July 2023

Here’s a preview of what the destination has to offer for the 2023 season, a wide range of moments you can experience to revitalize and enrich yourself.
The full calendar will be announced soon so you can plan your next visit.

Discover all the big and small events to enjoy on the territory thanks to our agenda section.