Major Events in Pays de Fontainebleau

We hope you will appreciate wonderful events in Pays de Fontainebleau. It is another way for you to discover the beauty of the destination and enjoy unforgettable moments !

May | June 

Spring at the Château de Fontainebleau : historical animations

From 2nd May to 30th May 2020 | Château de Fontainebleau 

The Château de Fontainebleau will present historical scenes to the visitors. The scene will be performed by professional actors and invite the visitors to discover Napoleon Bonaparte’s life throughout “the Grands Appartement” visit. These animations are included with the admission to the château de Fontainebleau (no extra charges). 

Grand Prix Classic : European Jumping Challenges 

From 7th May to 10th May 2020 | Grand Parquet, Equestrian Stadium (Fontainebleau)

The best Jumping European countries will meet with international and national challenges !The Grand Parquet is one of the finest equestrian venues in Europe. With magnificent structures set in verdant surroundings in various locations within the precincts of the national forest, the town of Fontainebleau remains to this day a stronghold of the equestrian arts. The Grand Parquet arena is part of the circuit frequented by all top-level riders. Public free access.

A few figures: 26 hectares, 2 prestigious turf arenas, 5 dressage arenas, 1 international steeplechase course, 250 permanent and 500 temporary boxes, and a 1,200-seat grandstand.

Historical re-enactment : Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie-Louise 

June 2020I Château de Fontainebleau

Every year, the Château de Fontainebleau invite the visitors to travel back through the history and discover the daily life of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Marie-Louise, just for a weekend.

ln June 2020 over 300 historical re-enacters will invite the visitors to the court of Napoleon :  historic animations, an imperial ball, plays and children’s animations and guided tours of the private Petits Appartements of the Emperor to name but a few! 

Enjoy a real journey through the history of France.


Nature & Vénerie
 30th & 31st May  | Le Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

Nature & Vénerie  : Royal Hunting Grounds event  

Grand Parquet

Nature et Vénerie | Grand Parquet
©PSV Jean Morel

This event is dedicated to nature, dogs and horses ; it is the occasion to participate with your family and friends to many games and shows.

During this weekend at the Grand Parquet, you will enjoy :

  • 2.500 dogs in the area
  • a shops village
  • a horn competition
  • an equestrian show with Pierre Fleury
  • a companies introduction
  • the final with the biggest European dogs pack
  • falconry shows
  • an educational farm
  • tours with sled dogs 

Les Naturiales
16th & 17th May | Place de la République (Fontainebleau City center)

Les Naturiales

Ambiance végétale aux Naturiales !

Discover an event dedicated to nature and environment. You will enjoy a flowers market, a eco-shops village, animations and playgrounds.

Festival de l'Histoire de l'Art
 From 5 – 7th June | Château de Fontainebleau


The Art History Festival  – Japan & the Pleasure

The 10th edition of the Festival de l’Histoire de l’art, Art History Festival will take place on June 5-7, 2020 on the grounds of the Château de Fontainebleau and adjacent sites.

Since 2011, the Festival is a unique three-day international event organized by the Institut national d’histoire de l’art and the Château de Fontainebleau under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture. Bringing together artists, museum professionals and scholars from art history and other academic disciplines, the Festival attracts a broad and diverse audience with a common passion for the visual arts. This year, the theme selected by the scientific committee is the Pleasure and the guest country is Japan.

The public is invited (free of charge and without reservation) to attend more than 350 lectures, panels, debates, film screenings, and book presentations that cover a wide array of artistic practices and media, including photography, video, cinema, the decorative arts and architecture, from ancient times to the present.

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Music Festival 2019
 June 21st | Fontainebleau City Center 

Celebrate the summer with music in a convivial atmosphere.

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July | August 

Grand Prix Classic Summer Tour 2020

The Grand Parquet is a place for big equestrian events, let’s meet champions of show jumping, dressage and cross.[/su_spoiler]

Saint-Louis Fireworks show
August, 2020 at 22h | Parc du château, Fontainebleau

Saint-Louis fireworks show in Fontainebleau

Come enjoy the notorious Saint Louis fireworks show in the park of the majestic château de Fontainebleau.

La Grande Semaine, the breeding week
August, 2020 at 22h | Parc du château, Fontainebleau

La Grande Semaine – Breeding Week

From 28th August to 6th Septembre 2020 | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

The Grande Semaine breeding week has been attracting enthusiasts in the equine sector to this outstanding late summer gathering. More than 1,850 horses aged from 2 to 7-years-old are invited to compete in two disciplines: Show Jumping and Show Hunter.

During this great event, you will attend  to various championships :

  • National Finals for Young Jumping Horses and Style Hunter
  • Finales of the Free Cycle for 1, 2, and 3 years old
  • Finales of Classic Cycle for  4, 5 et 6 years old
  • The French Championship for 7 years old
  • The Event of French Feminine Horses
  • The Regional Competition of ADECSIF Foals

It is the must-see event for the equestrian fans and professionnals. You will meet 1.850 horses from 2 to 7 years old, ready for show jumping and Style Hunter 

September | October 

Imperial Trail
September 15th | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

The European Heritage Days
From 19th to 20th September 2020 |Fontainebleau, Forêt et château de Fontainebleau, Barbizon, Bois-le-Roi, Bourron-Marlotte, Samois-Sur-Seine

The European Heritage Days

The 37th edition of the European Heritage Days. This event is a unique opportunity to visit remarkable sites, exceptionally open to the general public. The Pays de Fontainebleau allows you to discover an exceptional cultural and natural heritage.

Must-sees: the visit of the Palace of Fontainebleau, a visit to an archaeological site in the forest of Fontainebleau, the Ganne’s Inn in Barbizon, the guided tour of the magnificent villas “les affolantes” on the banks of the Seine in Bois-le-Roi, Bourron Castle in Bourron-Marlotte and many other beautiful sites.

The stud farm week
From September 24th au 2nd | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

During this great event, you will attend  to various championships :

  • les Finales Nationales Jeunes Chevaux de Saut d’obstacles et Style Hunter
  • les Finales Cycle Libre 1ère, 2ème et 3ème année
  • les Finales Cycle Classique 4, 5 et 6 ans
  • le Championnat de France des 7 ans
  • l’Événement Femelles Selle Français
  • le Concours régional Foals ADECSIF

It is the must-see event for the equestrian fans and professionnals. You will meet 1.850 horses from 2 to 7 years old, ready for show jumping and Style Hunter.

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