Bring out your true Nature

The signature of our destination, “The Fontainebleau region reveals your true nature” is a true invitation to travel, in its most precious aspect. It often leads to a rediscovery of who you really are, a better knowledge of yourself.

The Pays de Fontainebleau offers this wonderful opportunity with one of the most beautiful forests in the world: the forest of Fontainebleau.

The forest is the object of the greatest attention. It is classified as a World Biodiversity Reserve by UNESCO and has been awarded the “Forêt d’Exception” label. The forest of Fontainebleau is undoubtedly a forest of character, it offers a real invitation to travel. Its varied landscapes sometimes transport its visitors to the mountains or to distant lands: rocky chaos and viewpoints, ponds and moors, stretches of sand, lush or boreal forest are an ode to curiosity. The richness of its fauna and flora also reserves beautiful discoveries.

With its 22,000 hectares of preserved nature, this radiant and sensitive nature is a space to escape from everyday life, to connect with reality, to relive those little childhood pleasures, to open up again and to share precious moments with those we love, simply.

Hence our territorial promise: the Pays de Fontainebleau reveals your true nature and our #meretrouver.

This beautiful and inspiring forest has been the origin and the driving force behind the embellishment of the Château de Fontainebleau by the sovereigns for nearly 8 centuries. This castle, intimately linked to its forest, offers exceptional cultural landscapes. Particular attention has been paid to nature through the parks, gardens and water features. The search for this harmonious link is omnipresent both in its architecture and in the works of art presented there. Fontainebleau was a place of residence for the sovereigns and its discovery allows a true journey through history.

To immerse oneself in a land of rulers, with a palpable and unchanging force, naturally evokes emotions, and also invites each visitor to an inner journey.

The Pays de Fontainebleau reveals your true nature is also an invitation to discover artists’ villages. Come and discover these villages on the edge of the forest, such as Barbizon, Bourron-Marlotte or Samois-sur-Seine and many others… These authentic villages with their elegant houses have thus left their mark on the history of art. They are still today a precious melting pot of creativity.

Entering the landscapes that inspired the artists, musicians and writers of the 19th century is also a way to take a step back to the present time and its future…

The castle of Fontainebleau, the villages of character, the forest of Fontainebleau, the activities of full natureWe wish you a nice discovery of our destination.


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