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Walking tour of the village of Barbizon

    Known as the “Village of Painters,” Barbizon is a jewel-like town perched on the edge of the Fontainebleau Forest.
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      Fontainebleau Tourisme BIT de Barbizon
      Place Marc Jacquet
      77630 Barbizon
      • 01 60 66 41 87
      • 01 60 74 99 99
          In the 19th century , this village became the place to be for the Barbizon School of French painters, initiators of the impressionist movement.

          Visit with a tour guide the historic center of the village, the “Grande Rue” (only outdoors). This pedestrian walking tour will immerse you in a festive atmosphere of painters opposed to romanticism and academicism.

          If you are interested in the history and anecdotes of Barbizon in the 19th and 20th centuries, do not hesitate to take this walk!


          Adulte : 7 €.

          Gratuit pour les moins de 5 ans.

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            • Anglais

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          Samedi 29 juin 2024 à 10h30.

          Samedi 24 août 2024 à 10h30.

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