Veranstaltungen im Pays de Fontainebleau

We hope you will appreciate wonderful events in Pays de Fontainebleau. It is another way for you to discover the beauty of the area !

May | June

Exhibition: The emperor’s house. To serve and magnify Napoleon the first

From Avril 13th to July 15th I Château de Fontainebleau

On March 18, 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul, was proclaimed „Emperor of the French“. Throughout his reign, the emperor surrounded himself with a splendid „House“, a sort of close entourage, worthy of his imperial title. Dedicated officers and faithful servants organized the daily public and private life of Napoleon I and contributed to the widespread influence of the regime. Portraits, ceremonial clothes and sumptuous works of art represent a new angle to rediscover the Napoleonic adventure.

The first part of the exhibition, held in the room of the Belle Cheminée, will allow the visitor to relive the splendor of the imperial palaces and the court. The second part presents the six Grand Civil Officers of the Crown: the Grand Marshal of the Palace, the Grand Chaplain, the Grand Master of Ceremonies, the Grand Chamberlain, the Grand Equerry and the Grand Veneur. It also evokes the main figures surrounding the imperial family. The third part presents a selection of masterpieces from the imperial manufacture of Sèvres, diplomatic and new years gifts offered by the Emperor to his loyal servants.

This exceptional ensemble of almost 100 works of art resonates with the Napoleon I Museum and allows a new approach of the visit of the palace, this privileged witness of court life under the First Empire.

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Grand Prix Classic
From May 3rd to 13th | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

The best Jumping European countries will meet during two weekends with international and national intense test matches !

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European Museums Night
May 19th from 8 PM

Celebrate the European Museums Night in Pays de Fontainebleau : discover its historical and artistic heritage !

  • Musée départemental des peintres de Barbizon
  • Château de Fontainebleau
  • Mairie-musée de Bourron-Marlotte
  • Musée Mallarmé

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Festival Pop Rock du Pays de Bière
May 26th from 5 PM | Place du village (Fleury-en-Bière)

Enjoy a good evening at the Festival Pop-rock du Pays de Bière !

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Nature & Vénerie
May 26th and 27th | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

Grand Parquet

Nature et Vénerie | Grand Parquet
©PSV Jean Morel

This event is dedicated to nature, dogs and horses ; it is the occasion to participate with your family and friends to many games and shows.

During this weekend at the Grand Parquet, you will enjoy :

  • 2.500 dogs in the area
  • a shops village
  • a horn competition
  • an equestrian show with Pierre Fleury
  • a companies introduction
  • the final with the biggest European dogs pack
  • falconry shows
  • an educational farm
  • tours with sled dogs

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Les Naturiales
May 26th & 27th | Place de la République (Fontainebleau)

Ambiance végétale aux Naturiales !

Discover an event dedicated to nature and environment. You will enjoy a flowers market, a eco-shops village, animations and playgrounds.

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Festival de l’Histoire de l’Art 

From June 7th to 9th | Château de Fontainebleau

During three days, the Festival organizes free meetings, visits, concerts and exhibitions in the Château and the city of Fontainebleau, and in Avon. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you are welcomed !

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Master Steve McCurry Exhibition I Faces of Innocence

From 15th June to 22nd September | Place Marc Jacquet of Barbizon

The Besharat Gallery presents the exhibition „Faces of Innocence of Steve McCurry“, June 15th, 2019 in Barbizon, France.

Featuring 100 photos of this visual storyteller from around the world, this collection aims to bring together the similarities of the human being through portraits of children. The ami of this exhibition is not to distinguish superficial differences, which are simply the result of chance that leads to hostility between peoples, but feel a sense of empathy and compassion around these countries prone to violent conflicts.

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Music Festival 2019

June 21st | 40 rue Grand, Fontainebleau

Celebrate the summer with music in a convivial atmosphere.

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Master Pro | France Championship Jumping Show

From June 20th to 23rd | Grand Parquet, Fontainebleau

During four days, the Master Pro is the occasion to meet the best professionnal horseriders !

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July | August

Festival Série Series

From July 1st au 3rd | Théâtre municipal, Fontainebleau

Série Series is the appointment of the european series and their creators. It is a unique event during which the public meets the production teams. 

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Django Reinhardt Festival

From July 4th to 7th | Parc du château, Fontainebleau

Let’s celebrate the Festival’s 50th edition, THOMAS DUTRONC, IBRAHIM MAALOUF, PAROV STELAR, CYRILLE AIMÉE and many more will be on the big stage in the Chateau de Fontainebleau park, an exceptional natural setting!

During these magical four days, you will also applause Sanseverino, Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles, Gary Clarck JR, Hugh Coltman…

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Grand Prix Classic Summer Tour 2019

From 19th to 21st July / from 26th to 28th July 2019 | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

The Grand Parquet is a place for big equestrian events, let’s meet champions of show jumping, dressage and cross.

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September | October

Imperial Trail
September 15th | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

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The stud farm week
From September 24th au 2nd | Grand Parquet (Fontainebleau)

During this great event, you will attend  to various championships :

  • les Finales Nationales Jeunes Chevaux de Saut d’obstacles et Style Hunter
  • les Finales Cycle Libre 1ère, 2ème et 3ème année
  • les Finales Cycle Classique 4, 5 et 6 ans
  • le Championnat de France des 7 ans
  • l’Événement Femelles Selle Français
  • le Concours régional Foals ADECSIF

It is the must-see event for the equestrian fans and professionnals. You will meet 1.850 horses from 2 to 7 years old, ready for show jumping and Style Hunter.

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November | December

Festival de théâtre du Pays de Bière
Du 15 au 30 novembre | Cély
Marché de Noël
À partir du ? novembre | Place de la République (Fontainebleau)

Plus d’informations à venir (été 2018)

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