Horse Capital


Fontainebleau owes its title of horse capital to its history Hunting, which played a major role in the town's development, was done one horseback. Grand Parquet equestrian stadium, the hippodrome at Solle, the Garde Républicaine's sponsor city, the military riding arena, and the mounted brigade : Fontainebleau equestrian assets are unique.

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Le Grand Parquet – Equestrian Stadium


Le Grand Parquet has entered into a new era, in becoming, after two years of renovation, one of the most beautiful equestrian sites in Europe. Thus, becoming capable of fulfilling its mission as a vast garden for the inhabitants of the Fontainebleau region. It can now accommodate all kinds of events, from shows to concerts to festivals.

With its magnificent structures hidden amongst the greenery at the heart of the Domain’s Forest, the town of Fontainebleau remains one of the greatest Centers of the equestrian arts.
The Grand Parquet Stadium is a must-visit for every high-level rider. It welcomes over 300 000 visitors during more than a hundred days of events every year.

A few key numbers : 26 hectares, 2 prestigious grassed arenas, 5 training grounds, 1 international cross-country track, 250 permanent boxes and 500 temporary boxes, 1200-places stands, a 120-seat restaurant La Closerie des Saveurs...

RN 152 - Route d’Orléans - Camp Guynemer - 77300 Fontainebleau
Tél : 01 64 23 41 41 / Fax : 01 64 23 41 41
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The Hippodrome of La Solle


Opened in 1862, it is one of France's oldest hippodromes. Mary horse races are held here during the season.

Société des Courses de Fontainebleau
Route D 606 (Entre Melun et Fontainebleau)
Tél : 01 64 22 29 37 / Fax : 01 60 72 83 71
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The Military Equestrian Sports Center (Le Center Sportif d'Equitation Militaire (CSEM))


Located within the walls of Château Fontainebleau, the CSEM benefits from more than 200 years in an exceptional historical environment. You will visit the farrier’s forge, and discover his trade.
Next, the infirmary, where you will learn of several ways to care for horses. Not forgetting the stables, the different riding arenas and grounds and all the rider’s activities.A complete overview of the riding world’s composition and values. A visit which is bound to move you.

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