Forest area


Spread over 25 000 hectare the forest of Fontainebleau
remains a pure pleasure fornature lovers, due to its dense and varied flora and fauna. It contains more than 1600 km of forest routes and pedestrian trails for the pleasure of walkers, including 300 km of signposted trails.

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Exploring by bike


In order to facilitate the well-being of all the walkers, the National Forestry Office (ONF) has established a charter of forest activities. If you want to discover the forest mountain bike, 1100 km of forest tracks, including many routes already drawn with wide aisles of 2.50 m are available to you.

GREAT CIRCUIT STRIP (Circuit des Grands Feuillars) - 7 Km
At the heart of the forest, you will find the edges of the full biological reserves and emprunterez paved roads closed to motor traffic.
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CIRCUIT MONT ACUTE (Circuit du Mont-Aigu) - 6 km - 1h30 - Easy
To explore the amazing rocks and beautiful openings on the forest. For the bravest few slopes to climb on the fairways.
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CIRCUIT OF SMALL BARBEAU - 10 km - 1h30 - Easy
Between the Seine and the forest, near the leisure center of Bois-le-Roi, this tour takes you to the discovery of a wide variety of tree species.
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Exploring on foot or bike

You to discover the forest of Fontainebleau on foot or by bike.
Ideas circuits, found in a universe and an extraordinary place and time.

Chemins tranquilles à Fontainebleau
Circuit découverte des points de vues N°1 / Circuit découverte des points de vues N°2
Fontainebleau Barbizon FB - Promenade équestre et cycliste
Hiking trail in the Fontainebleau forest from Barbizon to Grez-sur-Loing - The hiker's guidebook
Le tour du massif à vélo découvrez la forêt en vélo tout chemin
Walks & bike rides (PDF file 13Mo)
Promenades en forêt adaptées aux personnes présentant un handicap - Avril 2013
Sentier des carriers - Forêt d'exception - Forêt domaniale de Fontainebleau
Sur les routes forestières de Fontainebleau
Venez découvrir l'espace naturel sensible - La Plaine de Sorques

For a day out :
We advise you to buy the hiking map forest of Fontainebleau and the Three Gables - Ref IGN 2417O

Exploring on horseback

photo promenades  cheval  en fort de fontainebleau

Si Fontainebleau is a paradise for riders, and horses have always made Bellifontains happy... A leisure activity available to all, a tie to the Bellifontain history and culture, and even part of the genetic heritage of the town.




- Horse dreams à Achères-la-Forêt - Tel : 06 70 46 03 69 / Website :
- Centre équestre André Bonneau in Arbonne - Tel : 01 64 14 02 37
- Centre équestre BPAL in Bois-le-Roi - Tel - 01 64 81 33 00 / Website :
- Ecuries Bellifontaines in Fontainebleau - Tel : 01 64 22 63 49
 Website :
- Centre équestre in Samois-sur-Seine - Poney club - Tel : 01 64 24 69 94
- Centre équestre l'Odysée in Vulaines-sur-Seine - Tel : 06 08 77 01 97

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Varappe and climbing

escalade en fort de fontainebleau - photo pascal crapet THE FOREST OF FONTAINEBLEAU

Considered to be the mecca of climbing, Fontainebleau welcomes thousands of climbers every year. The forest is chock-full of rocks (aka "rochers" or "blocs"), for families or confirmed rock-climbers who can choose trails appropriate to their skill levels.

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